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BSTC Planning


Press Release February 3, 2014


BSTC conducted Strategic Planning Conference


With the impending implementation of Retail Competition and Open Access in the island of Mindanao, BUSECO and FIBECO through BSTC must protect its MCOs by ensuring strategic positioning in the power industry.


With this, the BSTC Board of Directors headed by Director Raul Alkuino together its management lead by GM-CEO Deiter Hoff P. Arellano and with the presence of 1-CARE Party List Representative Congressman Edgardo Rama Masongsong conducted Strategic Planning Conference at Valencia City last January 24-25, 2014.


During the said activity, the corporation’s Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives (VMGO) were established. Organizational structure was also thoroughly discussed to ensure smooth operation of the corporation.


BUSECO is truly glad with this development of BSTC for this will ensure sustainability, reliability and viability of the cooperative in the long run, hence, for the advantages of its MCOs.


With the intricacy of the industry, BUSECO hopes for the trust and full support of its MCOs. Rest assured that all management and BOD’s decision is always anchored to the First EC Law and Battle cry of which to protect the rights and interest of all cooperative members with whole heart in absolute honesty, maximum efficiency and total solidarity.


Onwards BSTC! Soar High BUSECO!

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