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BUSECO undertakings in Leyte


Press Release February 21, 2014


BUSECO undertakings in helping Leyte


With the spirit of cooperativism along with the sincerity of helping the Leyte restore its power system specifically its distribution, the Bukidnon Second Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BUSECO) sent three batches of line crews to aid the said restoration. In recognition of the line crew’s efforts, BUSECO took note of their accomplishment with their total forty five days (since each batches stayed for fifteen days) of stay in Leyte, as follows:


First Batch – November 14 to December 3, 2013













  • Hole Digging                                                     – dug 120 holes
  • Pole Erection                                                   – erected 78 pcs. 40 ft. and 2 pcs. 50
  • ft. concrete Poles
  • Undressing of Leaning Pole                                    -undressed 67 poles
  • Retrieval of Distribution                              – retrieved 28 units of Distribution
  • Transformers                                                   Transformers
  • Retrieval of Cross Arm & Hardwares      – retrieved 15 structures
  • Pole Replacement                                         – replaced 5 pcs of poles (from wood
  • to concrete)
  • Correction of Lining Pole                             – replaced 28 poles
  • Pole Dressing   (double circuit)                – dressed 54 poles with different
  • structure
  • Wire Stringing (duplex 2/0)                                    – stringed 3 kilometers
  • Wire Stringing (336 ACSR)                          – stringed 5 kilometers (3 phase)
  • Second Batch – December 4, 2013 to December 20, 2013
  • Line Repair and Alignment                          – Repaired and aligned backbone
  • line (from Leyeco 2 Headquarter to Tacloban Market to Crossing San Juanico bridge to Babatngon)
  • Hole Digging                                                     – dug holes from Tacloban City (Coke
  • plant) to Tacloban Airport
  • Pole Erection                                                   – erected 100 poles  
  • Third Batch – January 22, 2014 to February 6, 2014
  • Service Dropping                                                       – installed service drops of 400
  • households in Lolita Homes, Phase 1, Palo Tacloban
  • Conductor Replacement                                         – replaced 2,000 meters of 2/0 Phase 1, Palo Tacloban
  • conductor at Lolita Homes,
  • Correction of leaning pole                                      – corrected various polesThough the aforementioned accomplishment may not be that huge in comparison to the total damaged, BUSECO hopes that these little undertakings help great in hastening the recovery of Leyte.BUSECO is also cognizant that until this moment despite the endeavors of all electric industry players, the power system of Leyte is not yet totally operational. Hence, BUSECO will be sending another batch to assist the restoration. Once again, this is in coordination with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) and Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives (AMRECO) through Task Force Kapatid Program.BUSECO is always honored to be of service not just to its Member-Consumer-Owners but to those who needs its services. BUSECO believes that the essence of its existence is to spur development not just to its coverage area but to the whole country. By helping its fellow electric cooperatives, BUSECO in its own little way will be able to help the country and hasten its recovery.Onwards and Soar High BUSECO!

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